Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Retro Buys!!!!

I have been busy painting the house so we can sell up and move back to Melbourne! I have a few items on Ebay that are RETRO, so if you like Retro then take a look... Some items I am selling are:

Junghans Starburst Clock, Set of four Recliners Retro Orange, Retro Coffee tables etc... Check out the link
Some photos up the top of the page plus more so check out Ebay and tell your friends to bid!! HE! he!


Cass said...

If only I was in Victoria and had room in my house I love those chairs

Amy said...

ahhh no way! you are so lucky you get to put that stuff in your house, my dh has enough trouble with my vintage and retro finds as it is. I LOVE that lounge suite and the clock - great finds!