Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haircuts............Blogtobering along!

Today I went to the hairdresser to get a cut, colour and a few random foils. I always have the same problem when I leave? They always dry and straighten your hair to make you look ten years older!
I had a great hairdresser in Melbourne who I could trust to do whatever she thought would suit me and I always walked away happy!!! Since our move there is only one hairdresser in town who works on her own. I came to the realisation today that most of her clients are probably over 60yrs old!
Today I thought I would straighten my hair before I went, so the Hairdresser would get an idea of my style...
Oh dear, it was dryed and poofed and straightened to curl around the back of my head! I dont spend alot of time doing my hair every day, I like abit of a shake and its done look! Im pretty sure I look around 40 to 50 today instead of 32!
To top things off Mr S who never really comments on my hair, had a comment! He said it looks really nice! I said "Are you kidding, I look like an old lady!".
Anyway I'm heading to the shower to wash out the hairspray, I never use hairspray, I'm a wax girl!!!!!!


BigCat said...

It's been years since I've found a haridresser who I feel comfortable with. For some reason my hair just says mullet to so many of them!

Bellgirl said...

I'm not a big fan of the blow-dry either, makes my hair crispy and I leave the place trying to flatten in down. However the last time I went, may hairdresser asked if I'd like it straightened- it's actually dead straight naturally- and I said "...ok!". And it looked much better!

I usually say to the hairdresser "I'm not going to style it, I'm not going to blow-dry it, I'm probably not even going to brush it. Just make it look great, ok?". Nobody's actually ejected me from a salon so far...

Stacey said...

What is it with hairdressers and the old lady blow dry?
I go a hairdresser that is an international judge, so you think she'd do a good job. Excellent on the cut and colour, but the blow dry! OMG I always have to dash straight home and redo it before I can be seen in public. She makes me look like my head is two foot wide.