Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Fridays and Blogtoberfest Day 10.......

I have a couple of reasons to Love Friday this week!

No 1: Its beautiful and Sunny outside.
No2: The bakery reopens today! ( Its been closed for renovations)
No3: Great weather means grest markets to check out this weekend.
No4: I'm doing the last coat of paint to my kitchen cupboards.
No5: When Mr S gets home from work he will be putting the kitchen drawers and doors back together and I will NEVER have to look at this Ugly Green kitchen again!

If you would like to join in Love Fridays then tootle on over to Big Cats Emporium to sign up or check out who else is playing...


Drewzel said...

Quick! Get thee to the bakery now! Snot block attack!!

Drewzel said...

Tagged on my blog btw! Off you go!

Erin said...

ugh! ugly kitchen cabinets! so glad to read that you are overcoming yours. I did mine earlier this year, and it made a world of difference to my attitude when I walked into the kitchen every morning. No more under-the -breath swearing going on :)

happy blogtoberfest!