Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is.....My reading..

Alright time to come clean.. I don't really read books! Many years ago when I caught public transport I read a lot of novels but now I get easily distracted and usually would only read the first few pages. But every day I get online to read the Herald Sun news! Does that count as reading???

Also ever since I started blogging a couple of weeks ago I find myself reading blogs for hours and I still haven't got to them all!

Mr S has a subscription to Caravan World. He is obsessed with buying a caravan when we retire and travel around Australia. I figure at the moment its cheaper to amuse him with the magazine subscription than purchasing a van!

I must admit though I always pick it up and flick through the pages and if a caravan stands out then I will read about its features etc. Very importantly I told him when we make that purchase the caravan will need a shower and toilet! I have spent a lot of time camping over the years and I decided I am too old to be getting up and walking in the dark to communal amenities anymore.

So this is a pic of the November 08 issue and it features the new Windsor Royale which has everything to make camping comfy! So if I wan tattslotto this is what I would like. The heading states fit for a king but I figure it would be fit for a queen too!

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Amy said...

ahhh you're a caravan fan as well! Cool! We bought a 2nd hand one last year and we already take it away with us frequently. it's great to take to the beach on holiday and the kids love it :-)

CurlyPops said...

Don't you dare buy another bloody caravan!

three buttons said...

Caravans are cool!!

Thank you so much for joining in on This Is and many apologies for taking sooo long to add you to our blog roll.

Your added now : )

Angela xx