Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitchen Revamp.....Blogtoberfest Tuesday Day 14...And I won..

If you check out my earlier posts, my kitchen was all cream with green cupboards and drawers. When we bought this house in April the kitchen floor was green carpet squares! When we moved in we pulled up the carpet squares to discover the original Lino which has specs of green, blue and silver in it and dispite the age of the Lino its in great condition!
I started with taking off all the drawers and doors(Curlypops reminded me to number them due to an earlier incident with 20+ plus Full sized doors at another house that I didn't number, long story).
I took the handles off each one, they were chrome with cream painted circles. Mr S wiped the handles with paint stripper and we kept them entirely chrome!
I spent many hours with the electric sander! I painted the doors and drawers first with one coat of grey tinted primer then two coats of Fire Engine Red.
Then I sanded the inside and outside of the cupboards and painted those with two coats of White Gloss. Then Mr S reassembled the doors and drawers and attached the handles. I thought this would take me 2 days but probably took me over a week!
The free standing Cabinet was also featured in an earlier post and was painted Chrome and Fire Engine Red. I needed extra room to display the retro stuff I collect.
My table and chairs were originally my husbands great Grandfathers who passed away earlier this year. The set has an Extendable laminate table, six chairs and a step stool! Under the table it has Pa's name written from where he ordered it back in the sixties. So its a nice heirloom and perfect for a 60s kitchen!
Thanks to Curlypops and Mr S who both encouraged me to go with Fire Engine Red, it has worked out well!
Next plan will be to paint the kitchen walls and make some new curtains..
PLUS to add to my excitement I joined in Hoppo Bumpos giveaway last week to celebrate Blogtoberfest, and I WON!!! I was very excited when I saw the Gingerbread men on the Pot Holder and it was truly love at first sight! I never win anything so it adds to my excitement so the lovely Liesl is sending the Gingerbread men my way! Yipee!!!!


Amy said...

I am SO digging your kitchen. YOu don't see many properties here with retro original kitchens like that :-)

BigCat said...

Your kitchen looks sensational. Congrats on the win too. I was loving the gingerbread men.

CurlyPops said...

That looks so much better! You know the pelmets would look good in fire engine red too.

jodi said...

great red!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic. I absolutely love the colour of the cupboard doors!

Coloradolady said...

I love your red in your kitchen. Very nice. Everything looks wonderful. I love it.

Anonymous said...

oh I LOVE your kitchen it is so HUGE as well! I was looking at some of your older posts and came across the blue tongue lizard one! don't be scared of them they really are lovely and VERY harmless, we get them all the time and a few our dog got to first which I was very sad about! They hiss and show their big blue tongue to scare you but they don't hurt you and they are great in the garden to keep the snails down!!! There will be a lot about now it's nearly summer, they come looking for water in our yard!

Anonymous said...

very big improvement from baby poo green!
Looks Good !
MooMoos mummy

Drewzel said...

Looks fantastic! Watch out, I might stop in for a cuppa one day!